Microsoft slams down a salivatingly good set of Windows Phone 7.5 demos [video]

Microsoft slams down a salivatingly good Windows Phone 7.5 demo

It’s only a video taster, but we have to say we’re getting increasingly stoked up at what we’re seeing of the forthcoming Windows Phone 7.5 Mango mobile interface.

Designed to lure developers on board, the short, sharp’n’sweet video shows off some of the show-stopper features coming up in Windows Mango, including Live Tiles and super-swift app switching.

Analysts have long been banging on about how Microsoft’s new mobile OS is going to take over the world (or at least win the battle for the #2 slot), and you know what?

We think we’re beginning to believe the hype too. Bring it on!

Check out how Windows Phone 7.5 offers a truly smarter way to app. Metro Design that delivers a beautiful, integrated experience; Fast App Switching for quick multitasking between apps; Live Tiles that gives updates at a glance; and App Connect that connects searches to apps.

Mobile app developers can take an idea to app faster and easier with developer tools are that both powerful and familiar. Build easily, build better, build now with Windows Phone 7.5

Here’s some more vids showing off the new OS:

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