Motorola DEXT/CLIQ video shows off ‘MotoBlur’ tech

Woot! Don your white gloves, get your glow sticks out and show us your ‘big box, little box’ dance routine in time to Motorola’s banging promo video for the ‘MotoBlur’ interface in its new Motorola DEXT/CLIQ handset.

Motorola Dext/Cliq MotoBlur interface

The ‘avin’ it video shows off the Motorola’s MotoBlur technology, which functions as an eye candy interface and as an integrated service, connecting e-mail, calendering services, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace on the Android powered device.

This lets you update your status to your social networks at one deft move, or you can access all your messages, e-mail, text, social network messages in one view – it’s a bit like a supercharged version of Palm’s Synergy interface on the webOS.

With home screen widgets pushing email and social networking site updates, you can keep up with what’s going down with your homies on one screen, and can snappily fire off witty bon mots in response without having to fire up dedicated apps.

Anyway, enough of our yacking, here’s the video so you can see it for yourself:

So, what do you think? Are you blown away by the sheer force of widgetry on on offer, or does it have a slight whiff of Eau d’Gimmick?

The handset will be landing in the UK next month on Orange – visit Motorola’s Flash-tastic MotoBlur site for a closer look.

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One Comment on “Motorola DEXT/CLIQ video shows off ‘MotoBlur’ tech”

  1. Hmmm it looks like you have to push and hold to nav around the phone, not as slick as the iPhone brief touch. Also the phone looks very chunky! That said I really like the ability to update both Facebook and Twitter at the same time without having to open any apps!

    A good solid fist attempt but if I didn’t own an iPhone 3GS I would wait for the next or possibly even the third hardware revision myself…

    In terms of bigger picture it’s exciting times in smartphones! Android is really starting to mature nicely, Palm has a very cool product coming out. Hopefully the increased competition will pressure Apple to open up a bit in the longer term…

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