Music video entirely shot on a Windows Phone – and it looks good

Music video entirely shot on Windows Phone - and it looks good

We’ve seen music videos created on mobile phones before, but this one’s actually for a decent artist and is refreshingly short of gimmicks.

Directed and filmed by fashion photographer/video director Todd Cole, the official music video for Kurt Vile’s “Baby’s Arms” has been shot entirely on a Windows Phone – and isn’t a bad looking thing at all.


Of course, all the video really proves is that a suitably skilled artist can make professional looking work on just about any old piece of technology –  much like those great iPad ‘paintings’ that keep floating about.

Although the resulting video looks great, any regular Charlie picking up one of these phones and expecting the same sort of results is likely to be very disappointed  indeed – check out the pro lighting and tripods used in the video to see why.

Here’s the blurb from the Windows Phone video channel, and scroll down for the obligatory ‘making of’ video.

Todd’s video is part of the Windows Phone Me series, a collection of short film
essays exploring a day in the life of creative Windows Phone users.
With seamless connectivity between contacts and social networks in the
People Hub, one touch searching from Bing and the only phone to come
with Office Mobile built-in, Windows Phone allows these users to
create and connect anywhere, at any time.

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