MySpace on the blink again as users flee in droves

MySpace on the blink again as users flee in droves

With MySpace recently discovering the devastating news that they’d managed to lose half their UK audience, you’d think they’d be going flat out to improve the user experience.

After all, with far less traffic troubling the site, they can’t blame down time on excessive server traffic, so we wonder what is causing this latest cock up which is preventing us from reading our MySpace mail.

MySpace on the blink again as users flee in droves

Bad news for bands

Although its audience numbers have plummeted by a shocking 49 per cent over the last year (down from 6.5 million visitors in May 2009, to just 3.3 million in May 2010), MySpace still remains an essential tool for promoters, venues,  bands and their fans.

As promoters ourselves (we run the lively Offline Club in south London), we sometimes need to urgently contact acts for last minute slots, and not being able to read their replies is an almighty pain in the nether regions – especially  if a press deadline is looming fast.

Once again, that’s the situation we find ourselves in, with MySpace steadfastly refusing to let us read two important emails. Instead, we’re stuck with a ‘500 server error’ as our deadline ticks away.

This is a very poor show MySpace: we suggest moneybags Murdoch dips into his cash-stuffed pockets and sorts out the website before they jettison any more frustrated users.

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