New Palm TV advert: “Life Moves Fast” – with no spooky lady!

New Palm TV advert:

After baffling consumers with the Spooky Woman (see below), Palm has put out a far more accessible advert which we reckon does a pretty good job selling their innovative webOS.

Labelled with the tagline: “Life moves fast. Don’t miss a thing,” the 30-second advert shows a woman walking down a city street with a superimposed webOS screen in front of her.

Multiple open apps are browsed, maps are quickly consulted and onscreen notifications are sharply ‘swished’ out of the way, as you would with Palm’s excellent operating system.

It’s a fun advert that should prove a lot more persuasive than the Spooky Lady.  Can we have the Pre Plus and some new handset designs for the UK now, please?

In case you missed it, here’s the original TV Spooky Woman advert again. Her real name is Tamara Hope, by they way.

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One Comment on “New Palm TV advert: “Life Moves Fast” – with no spooky lady!”

  1. Much better! Shame we’re unlikely to ever get anything but half ancient webOS models in the UK. Why does Europe always have to wait months to get US releases?

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