Nixon Nomadic headphones threaten to unsettle stomachs

Nixon Nomadic headphones threaten to unsettle stomachs

Nixon have added some new colours to their range of Nomadic headphones, with the colour schemes suggesting that the designer might have imbibed high quality hallucinogenics before heading for the drawing board.

The white and black combo isn’t too bad (although white ear pads and and a white band are sure to get dirty pretty sharpish), but things take a turn for the worse with the lurid lime green number and then there’s the visual onslaught of the red and gold bling pair.

Apparently launched in time for Christmas, these are so ghastly that we don’t think even MC Santa and his crew of rapping street-elves would want to be seen strutting around the North Pole ‘hood in them.

Looking tackier than a Margate gift shop, these aren’t headphone we’d want to be seen in, although there are (thankfully) more sedately  coloured versions available in the range.

That said, the Nomadic headphones have a decent spec sheet, with memory foam cushions designed to retain the shape of your noggin and lug’oles making them a perfect fit every time.

There’s also a full sized volume knob, a patent pending ball and socket design to offer flexibility and a folding hinge system for portability.

The Nomadic range costs around £80 in the UK. For a little bit more you can buy the Grado SR60i headphones
which we suggest will sound a whole load better, although perhaps not look quite so stylish.

Nixon Nomadic headphones: specs

  • custom full size volume knob
  • synthetic leather headband
  • memory foam ear cushions
  • patent pending ball and socket design for unlimited range of fit
  • custom folding hinge detail
  • custom removable cord: 1.5m braided cloth
  • driver type: 40mm
  • 3.5mm jack iphone compatible
  • 1khz sensitivity: 103db
  • frequency response: f20-20,000 hz
  • weight: approx. 245g

For more information about the Nixon range of products, feast your eyes on this rather bizarre video showing loads of Nixon products disappearing into what looks like a big pots of paint or crashing through sheets of glass.

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