Nokia Lumia 900 laughs at other smartphones for looking the same

Nokia Lumia 900 mocks other smartphones for looking the same

We’re rather liking the cut of Nokia’s jib here as they try to make some rook in a crowded market space for their new Nokia Lumia 900 handset.

A new advert created by Nokia and AT&T gets in the digs quickly, starting off by calling other smartphone users ‘beta testers’ before cutting to a smug dude talking to camera:

“When I take out my smartphone and it’s exactly the same as everyone else’s… I’m expressing myself. As an individual.”

Nokia are hoping that the different operating system (the Lumia runs Windows Phone OS) and the offbeat looks will make it an attractive alternative to the ubiquitous iPhone and Android handsets.

Check out the advert below, or scroll down for a full video review of the Nokia Lumia 900 phone:

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