Nokia N8: stunning HD video sample

Nokia N8 smartphone video footage

Although initial impressions of Nokia’s new N8 phone were distinctly cool, the company has insisted that the handset was not running the final version of the software, and things will – in the words of D:Ream – only get better.

Serving up proof of the handset’s potential is this remarkable HD video sample, shot in 720p on the Symbian smartphone.

Although clearly tripods and tracking shots were used, the footage of a dancer on a rooftop is astonishingly good for a mobile phone.

Nokia say that the footage has not been enhanced or tweaked in any way. Although we imagine the average mobile user might struggle to create such a profession end product, it’s still mighty impressive stuff that makes the iPhone’s video camera look, well, totally rubbish.

Check it out below:

Nokia N8 sample video from Nokia Conversations on Vimeo.

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  1. Features of this phone is very fascinating. 12 MP camera and specially after seeing the video quality and images, it seems great.
    Best thing about is it’s price which is so right. Though I won’t say it will be iPhone breaker but yes it will drive mass of gadgets freak.

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