Nokia X7 met with shrugs and indifference

Nokia X7 met with shrugs and indifference

First surfacing back in November, there’s still been no official conformation of the new Nokia X7 smartphone, although some official looking photos have emerged, displaying AT&T branding.

Nokia X7 met with shrugs and indifference

Expected to get an official unveiling at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2011) in Barcelona on the 14th-17th February, we’re struggling hard to get excited about this the Symbian^3-powered creation.

It’s no beauty

It’s not exactly what we’d call a looker, with no less than for speaker grilles stuck on each corner (apparently only two of them actually contain speakers) and the 4″ display rumoured to only manage a 360 x 640 display.

It’s not exactly inspiring stuff in the face of the recent rush of slick, stylish and well spec’d new Android phones.

Nokia X7 met with shrugs and indifference

Not so good inside

Things get better at the back where an 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash awaits your snapping pleasure, but inside the disappointments continue with just 450MB of on board memory backed by a less than inspiring 245MB of RAM.

We guess pricing is going to be the critical thing here, and unless we;re looking at the low end of the market, we can;t see the world getting too worked up about the X7.

We’ll post up more when we get the official lowdown.

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