Nokia’s flagship London Regent Street store closes

Nokia's flagship London Regent Street store closes

We can remember attending the celeb-loaded launch for this swanky London store in February 2008, but Nokia’s flagship store in Regent Street isn’t even going to make it to its 2nd anniversary.

The reason for the closure is simple: it’s not making a profit. It’s a flop. A failure. Well, that’s how we’d describe it, but a Nokia spokeswomen liked to spin it rather differently, declaring that the store, “has not been as efficient or as profitable” as they hoped.

The decision apparently had not “not been taken lightly” with the spokeswoman adding some waffle about the store not being able to bring the company’s services services “to life,” whatever that means.

The closure of the store will leave 30 employees without a job, which we’re sure is one Christmas surprise they could have lived without.

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