Orange and T-Mobile’s ‘Everything Everywhere’ promises almighty network coverage hike

Orange and T-Mobile's 'Everything Everywhere' promises almighty network coverage hike

As a result of their ‘Everything Everywhere’ merger, Orange and T-Mobile are ready to unleash their super-duper uber-network, promising massively improved network coverage to its users.

From 5th October, users will be able to sign up to access to both networks – meaning customers should be able to enjoy far more comprehensive coverage across the UK, with less pesky dead zones.

The upgrade will be absolutely free, and when the service is in full flow, customers’ phones will switch to whichever signal is strongest, which should guarantee improved data and better call quality.

Orange and T-Mobile's 'Everything Everywhere' promises almighty network coverage hike

Tom Alexander, CEO of Everything Everywhere exclaimed, “It will be just as though the phone is roaming abroad, but in the UK”:

From next month, we will give almost half of the British population the opportunity to use their phones in more places than ever before.

As well as continuing to benefit from their existing network, Orange customers will be able to make calls and send texts on the T-Mobile network and T-Mobile customers will be able to do the same using the Orange network.

Mobile to Wi-Fi

With mobile networks becoming more and more congested, Everything Everywhere is hoping to differentiate itself from the pack by providing the highest quality network coverage, and the company is also introducing the technology to let users switch from fixed to mobile networks to wi-fi hotspots without noticing.

High def natter

Everything Everywhere ( we really don’t like this daft name, by the way) also introduced high-definition voice calling for Orange customers this week, and have announced plans to start building a next-generation LTE (long-term evolution) mobile network next year.

This introduces the capability of  faster network speeds and greater traffic capacity.

The  first LTE phones are expected to début in 2012.


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  1. Good news- this opens up TMobile as an option to me, I think, although I await the combined coverage checker….

  2. I think it’s only 2G being combined for the moment, so improved data coverage not entirely true. 3G coverage alledgedly coming next year…

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