Palm Pixi gets first TV ad

Palm Pixi gets first TV adIt may not have the greatest spec sheet in the world, but there’s something about the Palm Pixi handset that tugs at our ‘want’ chords.

Perhaps it’s the mixture of a super-slimmed down Treo form factor combined with the delightful webOS that does it for us, or maybe it’s that neat little physical keyboard, but either way it looks like us Brits are going to be Pixi-less for a while.

However, it’s about to launch in the US, and the first TV advert has been released – and it’s rather a good one.

The advert is clearly aimed at the youth demographic – something that is made apparent by the some of the comments on PreCentral that complain that the music is “annoying” and the video made them “dizzy.”

That’s the speed things go at when you’re young, granddad!

If, dear pop-pickers, you’re wondering what the backing tune is, ponder no more: it’s the fabulous ‘Sleepyhead’ by Passion Pit.

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  1. Excellent advert! Far better than that weirdo hippy one with the odd acting women. This does exactly what needs to be done, put the phone in the real world, show people using it the way they use they’re Android and iPhones. Make it fast, quick and easy to use and show its function rather than bang on about some zen vision of smartphone harmony. Well done Palm, getting your marketing act together at last! 😀

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