Palm Pixi gets US release date

Palm Pixi gets US release datePalm has announced that their new Palm Pixi handset will be released in the US on the Sprint network  Nov. 15.

Retailing for $99.99 on a two-year service agreement (after rebates), the Pixi is the second Palm phone to feature the innovative webOS operating system.

The super-slim handset is a cut-down version of the Pre with no Wi-Fi, a slightly smaller screen, and a slightly slower processor, but we’re very much warming to its form factor: in fact, if they’d bolted on Wi-Fi, we’d probably prefer this to the Pre.

Kevin Packingham, senior vice president of Product Development at Sprint was keen to get hyperbolin’:

Simply put, this phone is fun and easy to use; with its multi-touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard, it’s a great device for messaging and social networking at a price everyone can enjoy, and delivers so many of the great features people love about Palm Pre in a fantastic new form factor, making it a huge hit for consumers.

Palm Pixi gets US release dateLike its bigger brother, the Palm Pixi offers lashings of full fat full multi-tasking goodness via a ‘deck of cards’ paradigm, backed by a gesture area for navigation.

There’s also the familiar linked contacts, layered calendars, combined messaging seen in the Pre and a new Facebook application.

The Pixi is also compatible with the Touchstone charging dock – which we’ve grown to become rather fond of – and Palm are offering a selection of limited edition back covers.

Once again, there’s ne’er a whisper from Palm as to when us Euro-types may indulge in some Pixi action of our own, but if the wait is anything as long as the one for the Pre, don’t go holding your breath.

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