Palm: webOS 1.3 this month, Flash ‘first half of 2010’

Palm: webOS 1.3 this month, Flash 'first half of 2010'UK Palm Pre users miffed that they’re unable to indulge in the full-blown App Catalogue experience should be chuffed to learn that a firmware update to v1.3 is expected by the “end of November.”

This update will bring the US and European versions in line with each other, and let Brits purchase apps from Palm’s online store (it’s currently only offering free and beta apps).

Palm Pre users in Britain are currently lumbered with the older v1.1.3 webOS, putting them behind their American cousins who are able to fully enjoy paid apps and the 300+ applications created by the Homebrew community.

Flash. Ah-haa.

Despite rumours that Flash support will be incorporated  in the v1.3 update, Pre users clicking on Flash links are currently getting a message saying that the “Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is coming to Palm WebOS in the first half of 2010.”

That certainly looks more encouraging than the stroppy message iPhone users have been getting when they click on similar links:

Flash Player not available for your device. Apple restricts use of technologies required by products like Flash Player. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions, Adobe cannot provide Flash Player for the iPhone or iPod Touch

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