Palm webOS App Catalogue hits 1,500 apps in the US

Palm webOS App Catalogue hits 1,500 apps in the US

The collection of apps available in Palm’s App Catalog store in the US has now risen to an impressive 1,500 apps, and is growing at a rate of more then 10 apps a day.

On top of the 1,500 officially available apps there’s also nearly 450 ready for downloading from the Homebrew catalogue, giving Palm Pre and Pixi users a wide range of apps to play with.

Although this may appear small beer to the daily onslaught of apps crashing into Apple’s AppStore every day, it reflects the continuing growth of Palm’s webOS – an operating system which we still believe is the best available on any mobile platform.

Palm webOS App Catalogue hits 1,500 apps in the US

Naturally, some of these apps will be complete cack -witness the never ending “quotes” series of apps –  although they’ve some way to go until they reach the depressing volumes of shovelware that clogs up Apple’s AppStore (last time we looked there was over 200 ‘fart’ apps available).

UK users to start feeling the App Love next month

Brit Palm Pre users have been prodded with the short end of the mucky Palm stick for a long time, with the lack of a paid app store leaving them cut off from most of the apps available in the States.

The company has said that it will start adding over half a thousand paid apps into their UK app store from next month – a long, long overdue move.

T-Mobile for webOS?

In other news, tech site BGR is reporting that T-Mobile is going to get Palm webOS in the form of a Pixi-like device soon, with T-Mobile and Palm in the final stages of prepping a device for T-Mobile’s network.

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  1. I’ve just realised that I still have not seen a Palm Pre in the wild. I have also been working with a huge number of German colleagues (where it sold well I think) and I was looking forward to having a look at a Pre…

    I am wondering if anyone has any real sales figures for Europe?

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