Pioneer DJM-250 DJ mixer – bangin’ pro quality slider action for £249

Pioneer DJM-250 DJ mixer - bangin' pro quality slider action for £249

Purveyors of top notch DJ equipment, Pioneer, have released an affordable mixer in the shape of the  DJM-250, billed as the industry’s “first sub-£500 mixer to boast two sound colour filters and a range of professional features.”

Pioneer DJM-250 DJ mixer - bangin' pro quality slider action for £249

Festooned with no less than 8 inputs, the DJM-250 can hook up to a variety of sources, including a mic input for a bout of MCing, ad-hoc karaoke or bingo announcements.

In line with its ‘pro on a budget’ aspirations, there’s a XLR  balanced output around the back, while the deck packs three band EQ, and two independent sound colour filters for those groovy low/high pass swirly sound effects to get the crowd ‘on one’.

Pioneer DJM-250 DJ mixer - bangin' pro quality slider action for £249

The pricing is sweet as a nut too, with the Pioneer DJM-250 DJ mixer retailing for a competitive £249.

The mixer is scheduled for a December 2011 release and will be available in black and white.

We’ll take two please, Santa.

Key features

    • Two independent sound colour filters 
      Borrowed straight from our high-end DJM-900 Nexus, the two sound colour filters can be added independently to each channel for seamless marrying of tracks. Combine that with the EQ effects to really carve out the mix. Lights on the filter knobs clearly show when each filter is engaged, to provide a unique visual aid to DJs for perfect performance every time.
    • Eight input paths for maximum connectivity
      Proving that you can’t judge a mixer by its size, the compact DJM-250 is loaded with eight inputs (four DJ multi-player and analogue turntable paths, three AUX and 1 MIC input), giving DJs the option of connecting to multiple equipment such as portable music players and synthesizers. It can also be used as a pre-amp.
    • XLR balanced outputs for high-quality sound
      Equipped with XLR balanced XLR outputs, the DJM-250 provides clear, accurate sound with no degradation of the source audio signal. And you can connect it to XLR compatible devices, such as powered speakers, without the need for an adapter.
    • Other features:
      • 48 kHz/24-bit full digital processing for clear sound quality.
      • 3-band isolator type equalizer (+9dB to -∞) for the HI/MID/LOW bands on each channel.
      • Fader Start Play function to control fader operation on Pioneer players linked by cable.
      • Peak level meter for audio inputs on each channel.
      • Cross Fader Curve Adjust function enables switching between three patterns of cross fader curves.
      • Built-in rack-mount brackets for installation in booths or home studio desk.


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