Samsung’s iPhone fanboy-taunting video is the top tech advert of 2012

Samsung's iPhone fanboy-taunting advert dis the top tech advert of 2012

Samsung’s fanboy-taunting video for its Galaxy III handset has been declared to be the top tech advert for 2012, registering over 71.8 million views according to video trackers, Visible Measures.

The company released a list of the ten most popular adverts this year, with the second place going to Intel/Toshiba with  54.4 million views, followed by Samsung’s advert for the Galaxy Note II with 42.2 million views.

Samsung also bagged the fourth spot, with their introduction to the Galaxy Note 10.1 attracting 22.9 million views, while Google’s Project Glass video came in fifth with 20.8 million views.

Visible Measures say that their accounting methods total up “true reach” views, which measure every version of the clip seen on YouTube and other video sites, and includes parodies, mashups and other uses.

[See all the videos here] – [Visible Measures]

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