Sony Ericsson MH907 “Motion Activated” Headphones

We thought the notion of ‘motion activated’ headphones was a classic piece of pointless technology for pointless technology’s sake, but we’re beginning to warm to the idea.

Sony Ericsson MH907

The idea is pretty simple: with your earbuds in you can listen to music as normal, but if you pull one side out, the music automatically pauses without the need to fiddle about with buttons or go scrambling into your bag looking for your phone.

Phone calls can be received/ended in the same way, thanks to Sony Ericsson’s ‘SensMe’ technology doing its thang, and we can see this being handy if someone suddenly strikes up a conversation with you in the street as you’re strutting along to Bucks Fizz or throwing down some swift moves to Dollar’s ‘Hand Held In Black And White’.

Sony Ericsson points out that the headphones are “only activated by body contact,” so there should be no chance of accidentally answering a call when your phone is in your pocket or bouncing around in your manbag.

The headphones are available in chrome and yellow/white, and will be available worldwide about $55 (39 Euros).

Before you iPhone fans, Android aficionados and Palm get to excited, there is one almighty ‘gotcha’: the headphones only work with Sony Erisson phones sporting a “Fast port” connector. Which is a bit rubbish, non?

If you have a Sony Erisson phone, you can check for compatibility here.

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