Sony release Dash wi-fi alarm clock, sorry, ‘Personal Application Viewer’

Sony release Dash wi-fi alarm clock, sorry, 'Personal Application Viewer'

Sony has decided that alarm clocks are just too boring, and has introduced a clever-clogs, touchscreen Wi-Fi device which will add a touch of hi-tech to even the most disconnected of bedrooms.

In fact, it’s so moderne that it’s not even called a radio alarm or even a wireless video clock thingamabob. Nope: Sony want you to call this a ‘Personal Application Viewer’.

Sporting a 7-inch screen, the Sony Dash can access over 1,000 free Internet apps (courtesy of Chumby), including news, calendars, weather, sports, social networking, traffic updates and more, grappling with your home wi-fi connection to deliver internet content to your weary eyes and ears.

Sony release Dash wi-fi alarm clock, sorry, 'Personal Application Viewer'The device can view YouTube videos and tune into Pandora Internet radio, with Sony sprinkling in a bit of synergistic cross-branding in the shape of Sony Music and Sony Pictures movie trailers, music videos etc.

The Dash is up to a bit of basic multi tasking too, so users can listen to internet radio in the background while flipping through online photo albums.

There’s an internal accelerometer supporting vertical and tilted viewing viewing angles, and different family members can join in the fun thanks to multiple user profiles and channels. New apps can either be directly downloaded to the device or via their PC.

The Dash is set to retail for $199, and ships in April. It sure beats our fifteen year old, red LED clock radio.

Press release

LAS VEGAS (CES Booth #14200), Jan. 6, 2010 –Sony confirmed its commitment to providing consumers with innovative networked products with the introduction of the new dash™ personal Internet viewer.

Sony release Dash wi-fi alarm clock, sorry, 'Personal Application Viewer'Featuring a vivid 7-inch color touch screen (measured diagonally) and access to over 1,000 free Internet apps, including news, calendars, weather, sports, social networking and more, dash utilizes an existing home wireless connection to continuously deliver Internet content to its viewers.

“In today’s connected world, Sony continues to look for ways to help enhance consumers’ entertainment experiences throughout the home” said Brennan Mullin, Sony Electronics’ senior vice president of the personal imaging and audio business. “With dash, we’re empowering consumers with a fun, interactive way to stay connected with their news, entertainment, interests and ultimately, their lives.”

By bundling favorite pieces of the Internet together, dash provides always fresh, personalized content at a glance. The new product offers free access to more than 1,000 apps from chumby industries, inc. as well as the robust audio and video content from Sony’s Bravia Internet video platform, including YouTube™, Pandora® Internet radio, Epicurious, Crackle, Livestrong™, and much more.

Other content includes a NAVTEQ app for easily accessible traffic updates on a customized route, and a Cozi app for simple management and synching of family calendars. Further, Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Pictures Entertainment will be contributing exclusive dash apps for movie trailers, music videos, custom user themes and more, including an app from Dr. Oz offering daily health and exercise tips.

In addition, Sony dash can run multiple sources of content simultaneously, so for example, Internet radio can be enjoyed while browsing through online photo albums. Or, the alarm clock can be set to play selected online videos from music, sports and other news feeds. The device also allows users to choose apps either directly from the device or online through a PC, and new content for dash will continue to be added moving forward.

Sony release Dash wi-fi alarm clock, sorry, 'Personal Application Viewer'

Within the device, an internal accelerometer supports vertical flip, allowing for two optional viewing angles: upright, ideal for a table or nightstand; and tilted, perfect for a countertop. It also supports multiple user profiles and channels, allowing several members of the household to create and maintain their own customized view of the Internet.

The dash personal Internet viewer also features built-in stereo speakers as well as a USB port for simple connection to a variety of external electronic devices. Additionally, a headphone output jack gives users the option to listen privately through headphones or through external speakers.

Sony’s dash will be available this April for about $199 at, Sony Style retail stores and a variety of authorized dealers nationwide.

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  1. A very sexy bit of kit 🙂

    But has it actually got an FM tuner? OK you can listen to Radio Two on the wi-fi at home, but what about holidays, or if your wifi fails?

  2. DAMMIT. I literally just dreamt of a wifi video alarm clock that supported apps last night and now I find Sony already came up with it and already presented it to CES? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I wanted to be rich! >:(

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