Sony updates firmware for A230, A330, A380 dSLRs.

Sony updates firmware for A230, A330, A380 dSLRs.If you’re the proud owner of a Sony A230, A330, A380 dSLR, then we suggest you hotfoot it over to Sony’s website sand gorge yourself on a lovely free firmware update.

“But what does it do?” you may ask? Well, pull up a chair and we’ll tell you.

According to Sony, version 1.10 of their firmware will do the following to your shiny Sony digicam:

When the [Metering mode] is set to the [Center weighted] or [Spot] metering modes, the exposure will be locked when the focus is confirmed. (When shooting in AF mode).

Um… errr… oops! That appears to be all it does.

Sorry, we were expecting something a bit more substantial and exciting when we started this article.

*takes chair back

You can download the update here:

Sony DSLR Firmware Update (Windows)
Sony DSLR Firmware Update (Macintosh)

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