Spotify and 3 announce HTC Hero tie-in

Spotify and 3 announce HTC Hero tie-inAfter a bout of synergistic backslapping, Spotify and the mobile network 3 have announced a deal to bundle subscriptions to the music streaming service with the HTC Hero handset.

From November 2009, 3 will be offering the HTC Hero with a two year Spotify Premium account, giving customers unlimited access to the service on their phone, leaving them free to gorge on 3,333 tracks downloaded to the phone every month.

It’s a lengthy two year contract, which involves users shelling £99 up front, and then depositing £35 in the network’s coffers every month, in return for unlimited texts, internet, Skype calls and 750 minutes.

Spotify and 3 announce HTC Hero tie-in Charlotte Blanchard, Director of Products & Services at 3 says “As a first step we’ve built this service into an attractive, well-priced package with the HTC Hero. Over time our deal with Spotify will extend across a range of our products including mobile broadband.”

Faisal Galaria, Global Head of Business Development at Spotify was both excited and thrilled, and jolly well told us so: “This is a very exciting deal for Spotify. We’re intent on offering people a high quality, simple yet powerful portable music experience at a fair price and we’re thrilled to be working with 3 to bring Spotify to UK music fans”.

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3 Comments on “Spotify and 3 announce HTC Hero tie-in”

  1. Your right. It’s alot of money. But, if you compare it with the iPhone contracts, you actually get a good deal.

    – £99 for the phone.
    – £9.99 a month for Spotify.
    – £25.01 a month for unlimited texts & internet and 750 any-time minutes.

    This is acceptable for a phone of its stature and quality.

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