T-Mobile 500MB data limit to apply to all customers

T-Mobile 500GB data limit to apply to all customers

T-Mobile has confirmed that all but the richest of its customers will be hit by their new 500MB data cap, with users on the 1GB-3GB limit web’n’walk tariffs also having their data allowance slashed.

The only exception will be those rich enough to afford the upmarket  iPhone £45 and £60 plans.

Less is, err, better

T-Mobile insist that by reducing everyone’s fair use limit it will result in an “enhanced” service, although we’re having trouble getting our head around the concept that less will somehow be more.

Once users break through the low limit of 500MB, they will still be able to surf the web and download email, but they can forget about watching videos or streaming music, or doing all the other data-hungry things that smartphones are designed for.

Pay more, get less

Instead, they’ll have to shell out an additional £12.77 inc VAT per month for a ‘booster’ which will, basically, put them back to where they were before T-Mobile unilaterally changed their terms and conditions.

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