T-Mobile serves up unlimited summer surfing with sun-sized caveat

T-Mobile serves up unlimited summer surfing with sun-sized caveat

T-Mobile is hoping to entice new customers galore and send its current users into data-gorged ecstasy with the promise of unlimited data this summer.

The offer is available to both new and existing customers, but comes with a king-sized, mahoosive, ten-ton caveat in the shape of a precondition that new users have to sign up to a lifetime-sapping 24-month deal worth £25.54 or more.

Existing customers will also have to take out a £5.10 mobile data bundle if they want to stay on their current deal.

Tim Dowling – who regales under the splendidly ludicrous job title of T-Mobile UK’s “vice president of propositions” tried to stir up the excitement over this rather paltry offering

We know that more and more of our customers are using the internet on their phone to make the most out of their smartphone, so that’s why we’ve chosen to give them the opportunity to receive truly unlimited  internet for the duration of their plan.

So this summer, T-Mobile customers can now have the freedom to surf and email on the go without the need to monitor their usage.

The unlimited data package runs from 1 July to 30 September.

Meanwhile, it’s possible to sign up to an unlimited data deal (with unlimited texts and 250mins) for just £10/month with GiffGaff.

We know which one looks like the best value to us.


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