The Cloud knock out Fast Connnect free Wi-Fi tool for iPhone/o2 customers

The Cloud knock out free Wi-Fi tool for iPhone/o2 customers

If you’re an iPhone-toting o2 customer on the look out for free hotspots, Wi-Fi provider The Cloud has made the job a lot easier with the launch of their new app.

Their iPhone app makes it easy-peasy for O2 customers to hook up to The Cloud’s 22,000 networks across Europe for no charge – something that will be of special benefit to cross Channel travellers, road warriors and freeloaders.


Using the app  is simple enough: just type in your handset’s number to register it with The Cloud, allow it to access your current location and you’ll be served up a list of nearby freebie hotspots.

Click on a location and you can view it on a map or get directions – and when you’re in range you’ll be connected and ready to surf.

When new locations are added, the app updates automatically.

He seeks! He connects!

Keen to add a topical angle, o2 are recommending that football fans download the app before the World Cup stars so that they can get access to match streams when they’re away from home, as this Cock-er-nee geezah explains in the video below:

Essential stuff

We think this free app is pretty much an essential download for all o2 customers – even if you’re one of those weird people who doesn’t like the Beautiful Game.

The Fast Connect app is available in the App Store now. Back of the net!

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