Three Mobile UK announce subsidised iPad prices

Three Mobile UK announce subsidised iPad prices

Three Mobile UK have had a look around at what their rivals T-Mobile UK and Orange UK have been up to, and have decided to join the subsidised iPad party, albeit a little later than everyone else.

No alarms and no surprises

Not surprisingly there are no surprises, with the prices pretty much the same as everyone else, with Three UK serving up 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models at subsidised prices they hope will lure in customers a-plenty.

Customers signing up to a two year, £25 per month plan will be graced with 15GB of data allowance per month, with the iPads starting at £199 for the 16GB number, £249 for the 32GB job, with the top of the range 64GB iPad emptying your wallet to the tune of £349.

A quick bit of calculator tapping means that the total ownership costs of the 64GB iPad will be a wallet draining £949.

SIM only deals

Three have also announced SIM-only contracts, with the iPad costing £529, £599, £699 respectively on the following deals:

1 Month contract.

* 1GB – £7.50/month
* 10GB – £15/month

Pay As You Go.

* 1GB – £10/30 days
* 3GB – £20/3 months

We can see how these deals may prove tempting to some, but with the iPad 2 widely reported to be looming into view and a slew of tempting Android tablets about to be released, we’d advise a ‘wait and see’ policy.
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