Three network offers ‘best value’ Apple iPad deals

Three network offer 'best value' Apple iPad deals

UK network provider Three has announced that it will be offering dedicated data plans for the Apple iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G from the 28th May.

Three claim that their data plans are the “best value out there”, and they’ll be serving up SIM-only data plans on a one-month rolling contract for the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G.

Mi-Fi for mo’fo’s on the move

Additionally, they’ll be offering their MiFi deal for people who want to use the Wi-Fi version on the move (MiFi is a wireless service that comes with a small mobile Wi-Fi device that can connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices at any one time).

The pricing details are below and there’s more information on Three network at

Three UK plans for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G

Data Monthly Fee
1GB £7.50
10GB £15.00

MiFi Data Plan Information.

MiFi data tariffs.
Contract length. Device cost. Data. Cost.
1 Month Contract (preloaded with 5GB of data allowance) £54.99 5GB £15 per month
18 Month Contract Free 15GB £22 per month
18 Month Contract Free 5GB £17 per month
18 Month Contract Free 1GB £9.50 per month

Pay As You Go.
Device cost. Data. Cost.
£49.99 or £69.99

(preloaded with 3GB of data allowance)

–          1GB

–          3GB

–          7GB

–          £10

–          £15

–          £25

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