Welcome to the future: the flying car arrives!

Welcome to the future: the flying car arrives!There’s been loads of attempts to create practical flying cars, but most of them have ended up as unholy bodges that made the Titanic seem a more agreeable transport option.

The Transition Roadable Aircraft hopes to change all that, offering a convertible car/plane combo, that can be made ready for a spin around the skies in just 30 seconds – about the same time as some standard convertible cars need to add a roof.

The carplane (or should that be ‘aerocar’?) made a successful maiden flight earlier this year, and the makers, Terrafugia, reckon it’ll be ready for sale to consumers by 2011.

According to its makers, the flying car can pootle along at a leisurely 115 mph in the air, with a range of up to 450 miles, and  travel on roads at up to 65 mph.

Wobbly and pricey

We can’t say the video instilled great feelings of safety and well being in us, (those wheels look awfully awkward for landing), but for those folks with no fear of flying about in a wobbly car, the car may prove a treat.

It’s not cheap though, with a down payment of $10,000 needed to reserve the car now, followed by an additional $185,000 on delivery.

Much as we love the technology, we can’t say we’re excited by the prospect of yet more noisy, fuel-burning winged beasts buzzing above our heads.

But if someone invented a flying bicycle, then you’d be talking…


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