Wii Fit Balance board push up bar shown off in chummy video demo

We love our Wii Fit and Balance Board – especially when it awards us a “Wii Age” decades below our decrepit years – and for folks wanting to push things a little further, CTA Digital have released their “Wii Balance Board Push Up Bar.”

Remarkably, chummy Doug and grating Julie manage to pad out a whole three and a half minutes blathering about this gadget, but there’s not an awful lot to talk about.

The Push up Bar simply sits on top of the Balance Board and offers six presets for placing the two push up bars in different positions.

The board is available on pre-order in the States for $24.99, while us Brits will have to make do with doing real push ups for now.


  • Made specifically for the Wii Fit balance board
  • Attaches securely to the top of the balance board
  • foam  under platform, securing grip on the balance board
  • raises your body higher to perform deeper pushups as you go down, past your chest
  • removable, adjustable angle handles

Compatible with the following Wii and Wii Fit games:

  • New U fitness
  • Wii fit
  • Wii fit plus
  • Jillian fitness ultimatum 2009
  • Jillian fitness ultimatum 2010

Package includes:

(2) Adjustable push up bar handles
(1) Pushup bar handle peg bar

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