StartTalking: send SMS messages without even looking at your phone

Send SMS messages without even looking at your phone with StartTalking

A free Android app called StartTalking has been launched to let drivers send off texts without even having to look at their handsets.

The new app by Boston-based company AdelaVoice is billed as, “the world’s first and only truly 100% eyes-and hands-free messaging application for your mobile phone.”

Unlike other text messaging apps that require users to fiddle about with their phones, StartTalking can read out incoming texts and send out replies without the need to even touch or look the handset.

StartTalking Overview

No hands – or eyes! – needed

The voice-controlled app can even work when the phone screen is dark or the keypad locked: users simply bark out a pre-assigned word to “wake up” the phone and then start nattering away, following audio prompts to send off the message.

As well as regular text messages, users can also make an audio recording and forward that to the intended recipient.

The service is free at the moment, although you can expect charges for premium services soon. Versions for other mobile platforms are planned, but for now you can grab the beta from the Android Market.

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  1. Personally I don’t think drivers should be operating any electronic equipment whilst driving, full stop. This app may not need hands or eyes, but it can still divert the brain from the task in hand.

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