11.2m Blackberry phones shifted in Q1 as RIM breaks new sales record

11.2m Blackberries shifted as RIM breaks new sales record

Research In Motion (RIM) – makers of the Blackberry line of handsets – broke a company record yesterday as it shipped no less than 11.2 million BlackBerries in the last quarter – adding up to a 43 percent increase over the sales for the same period last year.

Over 100m Blackberry phones in the wild

The company has now shifted over 100 million BlackBerry phones since the iconic, business-focused handsets  were first launched.

Of the sales over the spring quarter, just under half (4.9 million) were to new BlackBerry customers, with the company saying that it currently has around 46 million active BlackBerry accounts.

New territories

Although traditionally big in corporate America, Blackberry has been expanding outside of the US, with 40 percent of new sales in other territories, with new multimedia features attracting regular consumers.

The cash tills have been ringing a merry tune over in Chez Blackberry too, with overall revenue up about 24 percent to over $4.2 billion, with profit margins growing faster, up 41 percent to $768.9 million.

11.2m Blackberries shifted as RIM breaks new sales record

New handsets coming up

The company is also reportedly set to launch two new high-end devices soon.

One of these will almost certainly be their first touchscreen slider, the BlackBerry 9800, which has been well and truly leaked all over the web and is set to run BlackBerry’s new operating system, Blackberry OS 6.