3 Announces MiFi mobile internet hotspot

Mobile network 3 has announced its MiFi mobile wireless internet hotspot for connecting multiple devices to your 3G connection.

3 network mifi wireless hub

The device lets you connect up to five devices at once up to a range of 10 metres, so you can be busy checking emails on your laptop, browsing porn work related websites while downloading tracks and apps on your mobile device.

3 network mifi wireless hub

In the hope of persuading people to shell out for the pocket sized device, the network are bigging up its ease of use:

To use Mobile Wi-Fi, just turn on your wireless modem, switch on connection to the 3 network and select the Wi-Fi function. Then select the Wi-Fi option on whichever device you’re using. There’s no need to load any software to get online – the Wi-Fi function just needs to be turned on.

The device has a one touch power-up button with the internal battery providing up to 4-hours of active use on a single charge.

Depending on coverage, the Novatel-made device should serve up a maximum of 7.2Mbps on the downlink and a 5.7Mbps uplink. There’s also a microSD slot onboard, supporting cards up to 16GB.

The device looks reasonably attractive in a nondescript, understated kind of way, with its brushed silver case and four status lights, although it’s a bit of a pricey number for our tastes.

3 network mifi wireless hub

According to the product page, the MiFi will either set you back £99.99 on a pay as you go basis, or £69.99 upfront, plus £15 a month for a rolling, no-ties monthly contract with a not exactly generous 5GB data allowance.

Read more or shuffle into your nearest Carphone Warehouse and talk to some of the charming folks there.

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