Advent Vega £250 Android tablet gets video run through

Advent Vega £250 Android tablet gets video run through

When we heard news of the forthcoming Advent Vega – packing a 10.1″ screen, Tegra dual core 1Ghz CPU, Froyo and 10hrs battery life – we were pleasantly surprised by both the specs and the rock bottom price of just £250.

‘Quicker than an iPad’

In a video interview, Advent product manager Adam Lockyer has bigged up the capabilities of the tablet, pointing out that the CPU is “quicker than the processer that appears in the iPad,” and claiming that the “screen is also just as responsive” as the far more expensive Apple product.


Pinch to zoom is illustrated and Lockyer was quick to remind viewers that the tablet comes with full Flash support, so sites like the BBC iPlayer will work straight off the bat – without the need to download separate apps.

There’s a slight fly in the ointment is so much that access to the full Android Market won’t happen until January, “when there’s a new release of Android.”  Instead, users will have to make do with the 5,000-app-strong Archos AppsLib store for now.

Just about the only feature missing off the Advent Vega is 3G, something that is expected to appear in a new model next year.

Although it’s not being pitched as a direct rival to the iPad, at just £250 the Vega certainly may seem far better value to some consumers.