Android scores huge gains in the US, iPhone stalls

Android scores huge gains in the US, iPhone stallsTech stat totter-uppers comScore have tapped out  their latest report on smartphone marketshare in the US, and it shows Google Android continuing to grow and gaining quickly on the iPhone.

Comparing the three-month period ending February 2010 against the three months ending November 2009, the report charts smartphone market share in the United States.

Smartphone use up a fifth

Smartphones overall are on the rise, with 45.4 million Americans now using them – a hefty 21% increase over the period ending last November.

Blackberry/RIM remains the market leader with 42.1% of the market share, rising 1.3%, but the big news is the soaraway rise of  Android, registering a huge 5.2% increase in its market share, with demand driven by exciting new handsets like the Nexus One and Desire.

Android scores huge gains in the US, iPhone stalls

Apple falter

Apple’s bid for world dominance  appears to be faltering slightly, with their market share remaining more or less static, as comScore’s figures show a slight 0.1% drop.

Although Android is growing at an impressive rate of knots, it still has a long way to go until it matches Apple’s market share (9% versus Apple’s 25.4%), and it’s worth noting that the iPhone OS is also used by the iPod Touch and  iPad.  The Android OS has yet to make a big impact in devices that aren’t phones.

In the report, Microsoft’s market share is seen dropping the most (4.0%), while struggling Palm saw a 1.8% dip – presumably some of that loss is down to old Palm OS users switching to other platforms rather than upgrading to the new Palm Pre and Pixi handsets.


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