Apple iPad gets new TV commercial. It’s “crazy powerful”

Apple iPad gets new TV commercial. It's 'crazy powerfu'

Narrated by a manly voice normally heard in cinemas extolling the virtues of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Apple’s new TV advert for their iPad tablet device has hit the web.

“What is iPad?” rhetorically quizzes Mr Gruff Voice.

“iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful,” he answers to himself in that macho, woofer-troubling rugged voice.

“It’s crazy powerful. It’s magical,” he insists as tables vibrate to his sonorous utterings.

Once we’d stopped laughing at the ludicrously over the top voice-over, we acknowledged that Apple have done another good job of instilling near-unstoppable urges of “WANT” for their new product, making it appear unfeasibly glamorous and more useful that it actually is.

Our wallet stays put

But much as we love the advert, we’ll be fighting the urge to shell out for one.

For us, they’re priced too high and fill a niche that really doesn’t need filling in our lives, and the tablet form just isn’t very comfortable for productive work.

Whereas Microsoft’s now abandoned Courier project… now that was a contender.


It’s a homage!

If you enjoyed your speakers rattling to the new iPad advert, check out the original – here’s an Apple Newton advert from the time when 4MB of RAM made you out as some kind of power user.

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