Apple’s all clicking, swiping’n’scrolling Magic Trackpad announced

Apple's all clicking, swiping and scrolling Magic Trackpad announced

Inviting you to let your fingers do the clicking, scrolling and swiping is Apple’s new Magic Trackpad which has just been officially announced after months of leaks.

Priced at $69 and sporting the same sculpted aluminium design as the Apple Wireless Keyboard, the trackpad is billed as, “the multi-touch trackpad for your desktop,” and uses the same touch technology that “you love” on the MacBook Pros.

Gestures galore

Apple's all clicking, swiping and scrolling Magic Trackpad announcedThe trackpad supports a full set of gestures including two-finger scrolling, pinching to zoom, rotating with your fingertips, three-finger swiping, and activating Exposé or switching between applications with four fingers:

  • Click
    Press down anywhere on the Multi-Touch surface to physically click or double-click. Or, with “Tap to Click” enabled in System Preferences, simply tap or double-tap the surface.
  • Scroll
    Brush two fingers along the Multi-Touch surface to scroll in any direction — vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
  • Swipe
    Using three fingers, brush left and right along the Multi-Touch surface to page forward and back.
  • Rotate
    With your thumb and index finger on the Multi-Touch surface, twist clockwise or counterclockwise to rotate an image.

Bluetooth powered

Magic Trackpad works using Bluetooth technology, and once paired with a Bluetooth-enabled Mac, should support connections up to 33 feet away, with a control panel letting you tweak your preferences.

Here’s what you need:

  • Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer
  • Two AA batteries (included)
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.4 and latest software update

Apple's all clicking, swiping and scrolling Magic Trackpad announced


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