BlackBerry PlayBook tablet takes on the iPad [video]

BlackBerry PlayBook takes on the iPad

BlackBerry has posted up a video showing off the capabilities of its upcoming PlayBook tablet in a series of head to head challenges with the Apple iPad.

Playbook accelerates ahead

The video compares the web browsing abilities of the tablets, with the PlayBook’s browser seemingly outflanking the iPad in several areas, including the Acid3 web standard compatibility test and page rendering speeds.

BlackBerry PlayBook takes on the iPad


With Steve Jobs grimly refusing to allow Flash to be installed on iPads, the PlayBook has an obvious advantage over its rival, although some may not warm to its diminutive form factor.

RIM has also been rather quiet about real world battery life, and it’s worth noting that this test is pitting a potentially vapourware product against a six month old iPad.

That said, we’re still loving the webOS-inspired multi tasking of the PlayBook, and the price point of “under $500” is certainly a little seductive.

Check out the video and see what you think:

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