Blokes still dropping their phones down the toilet en masse

Blokes still dropping their phones down the toilet en masse - help on hand

A new study reveals that blokes are still dropping their phones down the pan with alarming regularity.

Research from mobile comparison website GoodMobilePhones discovered that 31% of the 1,937 people they questioned in their study had suffered some sort of water-related accident with their phone.

Down the pan

Men were found to have suffered most, making up 73% of all reported water damage incidents, while nearly a half (47%) of all ‘Phone. Meet water’ incidents saw the handset dropping in to the loo.

We suspect that failed attempts at multi-tasking – perhaps hampered by an ample influx of alcohol -may have played a fairly large part in most of these accidents.

How to rescue a wet phone

If you have dropped your phone into water (or similarly wet  substances), don’t panic – help is at hand!

We have compiled a useful guide detailing the best way to save your precious handset:  read it here.


3 Comments on “Blokes still dropping their phones down the toilet en masse”

  1. Unbelievable! It’s never happened to me but I know so many people who have dropped their handsets down the toilet before… I don’t know how you would go about doing it though!

  2. Not to put too finer point on it, I presume they kept their phone in their hand whilst trying to wipe their a***! (or put it on the cistern lid whilst doing same and then knocked it!)

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