BT admits to menu-freezing fault with Humax DTR-T1000 Freeview YouView box

BT admits to menu-freezing fault with Humax DTR-T1000 Freeview YouView box

We recently switched over to BT’s Infinity broadband service, tempted by the increased speeds and the offer of a free Humax DTR-T1000 Freeview YouView box.

BT admits to menu-freezing fault with Humax DTR-T1000 Freeview YouView box

After a slight hiccup with installation (the engineer managed to disconnect our phone line for 5 days), we’ve generally been impressed with both the speed of service and the Humax box, which integrates Freeview and internet catchup TV with some aplomb.

Things went so well in the first day we though that our nightmare experiences with Humax products were finally over and the company had finally got their act together.

Unfortunately, things started to go awry two days after installation.

While trying to select the ‘view in HD’ option while watching a BBC program, the screen overlay froze and the only way to get rid of it was to physically turn the box on and off – none of the remote control buttons would work, neither would the physical buttons on the box.

BT admits to menu-freezing fault with Humax DTR-T1000 Freeview YouView box

We hoped it was a one-off glitch, but we’ve now seen it happen on a regular basis and it’s getting rather annoying.

We contacted BT who said that Humax had been made aware of the fault and that they were “working on a fix.”

Ominously, the last action recorded in BT’s system by Humax on this issue dated back to the end of October, which suggests that they’re either taking their time over this, or that it’s proving to be a tough problem to fix.

BT have promised to keep us updated weekly on this issue, so please check back for any news and post up any problems you’ve had below.

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9 Comments on “BT admits to menu-freezing fault with Humax DTR-T1000 Freeview YouView box”

  1. We have a new box. (Less than 2 weeks old) and ours keeps freezing whilst watching bt vision or on demand . Considering sending it back

  2. Since disconnecting our box from the internet, it has done nothing but run slow and lock up etc, regular reboot daily. I think this may be related, I can’t wait to get it back online.

  3. Help my Humax DTR1000/GB has shut down I have tried all the resets, when I switch off then on again I press the start and the blue light comes on so I hold it and Humax comes up I then hold the light for 30 seconds but the screen goes blank as soon as I take my finger off . Now 20 mins later I go to tools and it says there is no device on the system .When you get on tools Anynet( Hdmi-CEC) then click on refresh and it says No device. Can anyone help

  4. we have had 3 over 10 years and ALL have had this problems we upgraded to cure and never did
    the best place for these is in the bin;
    the company has no interest in assitance after telling you to download latest softwareand rebboting to factory, usless piece of junk??
    only goo point it has it does record all asked and its the watching where we have problems,,,

  5. I am onmy 3rd youview box in less than 2 years. the first one stopped working just after a few months, Humax replaced it. Around October last year the replacement stopped working and the short story is that Humax replaced it. I sked them if their boxes keep packing up after a few monthe and if the 3rd box they sent me packs up, what then. They replied that these boxes are not designed to pack up but if I had any problem with this 3rd box, contact them reffering to this latest email. The box packed up! about 5 weeks ago. I called Humax and they guided me through re0bboting to no avail. Then I asked them to replace the box yet again. No they said it is out of warrany. It seems obvious to me that these baxoes are not fit for ourpose and this continuous packing up is not acceptable. They said I could send the box back but it would cost me, I thinkk they said £190 (not sure on this however).
    In my opinion if replacement units keep packing up they shoulfd do one of 3 things, Replace it, Fix it free or the most sensible eould be to replace the origanal cost.

  6. hi; we have now set the start up to ‘smart’ and not eco
    so far its been great not froze once???? may not help all but seems to have done the job for us???
    maybe the deep sleep that eco has does have effect on it?? who knows as humax do not!

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