Daily Telegraph set to follow the same pay-to-view model as Murdoch’s Times

Daily Telegraph set to follow the same pay-to-view model as Murdoch's Times

The Telegraph Media Group (TMG) – publishers of the Tory-lovin’ UK newspaper, The Daily Telegraph – is reported to be readying a pay-to-view website model.

Launching in September

According to Marketing Magazine, the newspaper is to set announce full details in the spring, with the launch of a ‘metered website’ scheduled for September.

The paper are currently rubbing up with new media types to create an overhauled Telegraph.co.uk, using editorial content from both The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph.

Marketing Magazine says that the paper will be going down the same route as The Times, with a hybrid strategy letting users peek at a limited amount of pages before demanding a subscription fee to view any more.

Although no final decision has been made yet, executives are said to leaning towards this hybrid model, as the paper battles to offset falling sales of the company’s printed newspaper editions:

Absolutely no decisions have been made on the introduction of a paid-content model. Like all publishers, TMG continually evaluates the developments in the digital sector.

The Telegraph – owned by the ever-charming Barclay Brothers – was an earlier adopter online, and still attracts a large audience, with Telegraph.co.uk registering 31m visitors in December 2010, in third place behind behind Guardian.co.uk with 39m and the market-leading MailOnline with 54m (ABCe).


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