Freaking Facebook infuriates further with more flipping flaky errors

Freaking Facebook infuriates further with more flipping flaky errors

Man oh man, are we getting more and more fed up with freaking Facebook, which is throwing up so many random errors these days that it’s beginning to rival MySpace for hair-tearing unreliability.

Shakier than Shakin’ Stevens on a wobbleboard

As well as writing this tech site, we also run a live music night in downtown Brixton, south London, and Facebook has long proved a useful way of promoting our club nights – but in recent months it’s become hideously flaky.

Event Unavailable. We're sorry, but this Event is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

Our event has gorn!

After setting up an event a few days ago, it’s been erratically showing the event as ‘unavailable’ which means that some people following the invites we sent out won’t be able to view the event (or, indeed, indicate if they’re coming or not).

Scrapping the event and starting all over would involve inviting everyone again, and that’s surely going to annoy some folks.

Previous experience tells us that we have about as much chance of getting through to a human being at Facebook as we have of making contact with the denizens of the Andromeda galaxy, so we’re stuck waiting to see if the event will reappear again.

It’s gone wrong again

But that’s not the only thing that’s winding us up right now. The other annoying error occurs when we try to message a friend, with Facebook throwing up a vague message that would leave Sherlock Holmes baffled:

Something’s gone wrong. We’re working to get it fixed as soon as we can.

Thanks Facebook. That’s really useful. Not.

*rant over