Evernote 3.0 for Android: ‘biggest update ever’ [video]

Evernote 3.0 for Android: 'biggest update ever'

Billed as their biggest update to their note taking app thus far, the latest version of Evernote 3.0 for Android has been released and comes with a fair few new features.

Notebooks to share

The new app serves up the ability to view shared notebooks (with editing for Premium subscribers), and users can post a single note to Facebook or share the note with other apps (including GMail and Twitter) from within the app.

Notebook creation is no longer a desktop-only process, and note-takers can now search and create notes within notebooks.

Evernote 3.0 for Android: 'biggest update ever'

Location aware

Evernote already captures your location whenever you create a note, but now it’s possible to see all of those notes on a zoomable map, as well as add location data to existing notes.

The Android app can now be secured by a PIN lock, and there’s a shiny new widget on offer, along with the expected interface improvements and bug fixes.

Download Evernote 3.0 now in Android Market or peruse the video below:

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  1. They wouldn’t confirm when or even whether when these new features were coming to iOS either which could be taken as a shift of focus in line with the current Androis dominance of the smartphone market…

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