GiffGaff service wobbles like a jelly on a bouncy castle

GiffGaff service wobbles like a jelly on a bouncy castle

We’re big fans of the UK mobile network GiffGaff, but our phone was out of action for some time tonight, and it seems that we’re not the only ones suffering major problems.

It looks like many of their customers are suffering a complete loss of service, or random bouts of non connectivity, with many of the complaints dating back to the 22nd November.

A thread on their support forums entitled “Some members experiencing loss of service” now has over 500 responses, with loads of complaints from people unable to send texts or make calls.

GiffGaff uses the o2 network, and the company has been blaming them for the ongoing problems.

We’re still unable to send texts, and we’ll be mightily miffed if the situation isn’t resolved by the morning.

Are there any of our readers also suffering the same problems?

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  1. I am on o2 itself and have the same problem. I read that people on Tesco have the same. Into the 4th day of no service on phone. Complete lack of communication from o2. There is nothing on their support site about it and their Service Status page shows all ok! I have contacted them three times and been told it is a serious network problem and they cannot say when it will be fixed!

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