Google buys Recorded Future… to see the future!

Google buys Recorded Future... to see the future!Google Ventures has just slapped a ton of wedge on the table to buy up Recorded Future, a company that uses technology to predict the future.

Before you start making spooky noises and thinking of all things Dr Who, Star Trek and HG Wells, we should point out that it doesn’t quite see the future, but rummages through vast heaps of quantifiable data from the past and present to forecast trends and predict outcomes.

Anyone hoping to input the results of next week’s lottery should bear in mind that Recorded Future only offers alerts on topics such as financial markets, geopolitical news, industry changes, public figures, technology and information security.

Moreover, it’s only said to be roughly as accurate as a weather report, so you can put that order for a fleet of Rolls Royce Corniches on hold for now.

The future is big business!

This future predicting lark has become big business in sectors such as finance, marketing and bookmaking, where analysts try to predict what will be going down by quantifying and parsing mahoosive datasets.

We’re afraid that most of all this goes flying over our heads, but check out some of these cool video from Recorded Future:

[More videos here]


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