Google celebrate 4th of July with witty Rube Goldberg animation

Google celebrate 4th of July with Goldberg animation

Google are never one to miss out on an opportunity to knock out an amusing/interesting/entertaining logo for a notable occasion, and yesterday the site was honouring Independence Day in America with a special 4th of July graphic.

The clever animation on their search home page celebrated Rube Goldberg (1883-1970), an American cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer and inventor.

Goldberg is best known for creating a series of popular cartoons depicting complicated devices that perform simple tasks in needlessly complex and convoluted ways – which are now known as Rube Goldberg machines.

He’s not very well known in the UK, although his work is similar to the creations of one of our favourite English cartoonists and illustrators, the wonderful Heath Robinson.

In case you missed the Google graphic yesterday, here’s a YouTube video of it in action:

For modern take on Goldberg’s work, check out this superb collection of videos:

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