Google Fast Flip serves up a mobile version

We gave the web Fast Flip interface a go last night and declared it to be ‘pretty, but clunky’n’chunky‘ and the boffins at Google Labs have now added a mobile version of the news browsing site.

Available for iPhone and Android devices by navigating to the Google Fast Flip homepage on your phone, the interface serves up the same selection of screengrabs of news pages, with a simple homepage providing access to popular articles, sources, and topics.


Pages can be browsed by swiping left or right, with a zooming option providing a higher resolution version that’s easier to read on your squinty mobile screen.

We’re still not sure about this – if you’re viewing on anything less than a 3G connection it’s going to be a painfully slow way to get your news – and even then it can come down rather slow.

An unlimited data plan is also a must if you’re going to spend any amount of time on the site, as all those downloaded images will soon add up.

We’re not sure that we’ll be using the service much yet, but it is still in early beta though so we’ll be keeping an eye on how it develops.

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