Google Maps top the UK connected mobile apps list

Google Maps top the UK connected mobile apps list

According to the latest figures, Google Maps is the most popular connected app in the UK, with an almighty 6.4 million Brits using the cross-platform app in April 2011.

We use it just about every single day so it’s no surprise to see the free app topping the nation’s charts – in fact, we can’t even think of any serious mobile rival.

In second place is Yahoo which notches up 3.6 million users by virtue of supplying info to the iPhone’s embedded weather app, while snapping at its heels is the Facebook app, which claims 3.5 million users.

Facebook’s figure is a little misleading though, because it doesn’t include folks who accessed the service through their mobile site. Once that sizeable figure is added in (9.1 million), then Facebook clearly scores as the most popular mobile site.

Google Maps top the UK connected mobile apps list

The stats come courtesy of a partnership between ComScore and GSMA,which measures the popularity of “connected apps” – which they define as apps that transfer data over an operator’s network (so games like the hugely popular Angry Birds aren’t counted).

Google managed to notch up no less than four apps in the top 20 (Google Maps, Google Mobile, YouTube and Google Earth), while Sky was the most popular app provider, with its Sky News, Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre, Sky Sports and Sky+ apps all appearing in the top 20.