Google Realtime Search serves up streaming social networking search results

Google Realtime Search serves up streaming spcial networking updates

Google has launched its new Realtime Search feature, which serves up real-time, live search results from a wide set of sources.

The Realtime Search interface looks the same as the regular Google search home page, but the results are sourced from breaking news stories, blog posts and popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Buzz and presented in a constantly refreshing stream.

Local news for local people

You can also set geographic preferences to find updates and news near you, or in a region you specify, while a conversations view makes it easy to follow a discussion on the real-time web, as Google explain:

Often a single tweet sparks a larger conversation of re-tweets and other replies, but to put it together you have to click through a bunch of links and figure it out yourself. With the new “full conversation” feature, you can browse the entire conversation in a single glance. We organize the tweets from oldest to newest and indent so you quickly see how the conversation developed.

Google have also added updates content to Google Alerts, so users can,”create an alert specifically for “updates” to get an email the moment your topic appears on Twitter or other short-form services. Or, if you want to manage your email volume, you can set alerts to email you once per day or week.”

Realtime Search should be accessible by firing up your browser and typing (note: this is still rolling out out may not work for you yet) or by clicking the “Updates” link in the left-hand panel of your search results.

To dive in and get some of the action right now, click this link and get searching!

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