Hitler rages at the sell out of the SXSW tech event [video]

Hitler rages at the sell out of the SXSW tech event

These ‘Hitler Downfall’ videos tend to get taken down pretty sharpish, but this one is well worth seeing while it’s here.

It shows the Fuhrer enraged about how SXSW has sold out as its popularity has grown – and there’s some great quotes in there:

“If you’re attending SXSW for the Pepsi Max booth, please leave.”

“Now this is just another excuse for marketing douches to get shitfaced at parties! Fucking Twitter got its start here! Now we’re supposed to get excited about an iPad 2 popup store. New Foursquare badges … Or a sponsored BBQ with people who could give a shit about creativity and innovation …”

“Look at us! We dress like the lesser-know members of Arcade Fire!”

“SXSW was about meeting the unpretentious people behind great tech innovations. Now it’s a bunch of self important Twitter celebrities, running around, looking for the next good party on their iPhones.”

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