Humax finally schedules updates for its wonky PVRs

Humax finally schedules updates for its wonky PVRs

Like a lot of our readers, we’ve had a thoroughly torrid time with our Humax PVRs, but it seems there finally is hope on the horizon, with over-the-air updates scheduled for later this week.

Curiously, Humax seem to think that a Facebook page is the most appropriate place to post up news to their customers, so we initially missed this announcement:

Humax UK – Software update for the PVR 9200T will be available
Over the Air during the following periods: 09/06/10-11/06/10,
23/06/10-25/06/10, 12/07/10-14/07/10 OTA dates for the PVR 9150T
& PVR 9300T to be confirmed

You can download all updates from the above link.

We’ve been in touch with their PR company and they assure us that they’ll “hopefully”  have confirmed OTA dates for the 9150 and 9300 “in the next few days.”

Fingers crossed!

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8 Comments on “Humax finally schedules updates for its wonky PVRs”

  1. About bloody time too.

    I had to give up trying to tape something last night because the whole thing froze up with just the little mini screen in the corner while I was browsing the guide. Had to turn it off at the wall, then I couldn’t be arsed to wait the 5 minutes it usually takes for the EPG to load up, so I decided to go to bed.

    I really, really hope this works – I’d also really like to use picture-in-picture during the World Cup, without fear of the whole thing seizing up and me missing a goal!

  2. I just ran the (manual) update – so far so good. Channel changes seem to be smooth and responsive. Let’s hope it stays that way. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Thank goodness I found your site. Have been having problems with my Humax 9150T PVR and had no idea that there were any OTA updates scheduled.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to update tomorrow when the OTA update is going to be repeated for the 9150T.
    Thank you and keep up the good work – I’ve linked the post on my website to your original article re Humax problems!

  4. My 9200T has been playing up for weeks, picture breaking up etc, which is probably the same issue that everyone else has been having. But a couple of days ago it froze completely on one channel. It will go from an old freeze frame of that channel to the EPG for the channel and that’s it.

    After a couple of full reboots and restoring defaul settings, I can now at least get to recorded programmes, but not to any live content at all. (Thank goodness for the iPlayer!) The box can’t find any new software – doesn’t mean there isn’t any. It’s on v4.07.

    Anyone else having such a problem, as I think it could be a different one?


  5. Hi Tiffany

    One of our 9200T units has been working fine since the upgrade, but the other is still in a dreadful mess, with an unresponsive remote control and the fan staying on all night.

    When they work, they’re great, but we’re really fed up with Humax.

  6. Does a fix exist for the 9300T i have 2 of these items and I’m getting ready to flat pack them under my car and post them back to Humax.

    Freezing, missing sound, random selection option, and I dont know why they don’t cover the remote in thick rubber, so you can bounce it off the unit when waiting for the unit to respond.

  7. My 9300t has started playing up since ther update. I lose series links, programmes don’t record or start or finish early. Lately they’ll only record if you switch to the channel once the scheduled time has been reached. Fat lot of use *that* is. After a couple of emails asking me for details about the unit I got this generic response:

    “We are aware of this and looking into the cause and a resolve for the issue, we have contacted the broadcasters to see what has caused the issue and once we have a correct for it will put it in place, all I can recommend at this time is conducting a retune to your unit each day to see if any changes have taken place, sorry for any inconvenience,”

    Inconvenience!!!? Retuning wipes all scheduled recordings and they have to be reprogrammed. Today’s retune (which I tried before reading their email) has given every channel a new number. The tuner in the TV doesn’t do this when rescanned, so it’s NOT the broadcasters.

    Get teh finger out Humax!

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