Humble SMS remains the most popular app on fancypants smartphones

SMS remains the most popular app on fancypants smartphones

More and more folks may be strutting the streets toting fancypants, app-stuffed smartphones, but when it comes to using the thing, old-fashioned text messaging is still the most popular application for US users.

SMS remains the most popular app on fancypants smartphones

A new survey conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, found that just about everyone with a smartphone (92%) used it to send or receive text messages on their devices.

Equally popular was the camera app, with the other popular smartphone applications being accessing the Web (84%), sending pictures or videos (80%) and sending or receiving email (76%).

Mobile games a big hit

Games continue to be popular, with Pew finding that nearly two thirds of smartphone users (64%) liked to use their handsets for a bit of entertainment on the move.

Social networking accounted for 59% of users, with 54%  saying that they watched videos on their pint-sized screens.

However, Twitter has been pretty much shunned by the majority of smartphone users, with just 15% accessing the social networking site on their handsets.

Compared to traditional cellphones

There’s still zillions of folks out there using Ye Olde Phones, and, not unsurprisingly, they’re not getting as much web based action as their smartphonepacked pals.

A mere 15% of traditional phone owners used their creaky devices to access the Internet, while just 10% used it to send or receive email, with a mere 14% playing games (‘Snake’ ahoy!).

Just over a third of traditional users (36%) did manage to send a photograph with their devices, though.

Pew calculates that  just over one-third of American adults (35%) now own a smartphone, a figure that is sure to rise sharply over the coming months.

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